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Delivering excellence since 1996

land system

ERAF is a leader in the design, development, production, support and enhancement of tracked, wheeled military and specialized commercialized vehicles in the kingdom. We have a strong foundation of delivering innovative engineering and production capabilities to our clients across the military and commercial vehicle spectrum.

naval system

ERAF Naval Systems is an innovative marine services provider in Saudi Arabia. Established since 2007, we are capable of manufacturing and supplying advanced watercraft vessels and marine related services. ERAF also supply marine security training and capabilities that is topnotch in the industry.

our products

In complement to our extensive fleet of land and naval systems, ERAF provides a tailored approach to remanufacturing expertise, encompassing a wide range of military, commercial, and industrial components. These include alternators, starters, fuel pumps, electric motors, diesel, and petrol engines, among others, ensuring comprehensive support for our clients’ needs.

Why Choose Us?

Weapons & Systems Integration

ERAF provides weapons and system integration through its long years of experience dealing with a wide array of clients in different sector. with the assistance from several companies.

Training & Services

We can design, plan and execute training program that give personnel the right level of experience. We define the syllabus and the assets and products thaty are needed to ensure personnel receive through.

Aftersales Services

We apply proven principle of security for land and maritime standards to give assessment to improve and upgrade status and capabilities of any agency. This assessment report will provide a clear and independent vision.