ERAF was established in 1996 as a manufacturing services provider attending to the needs of the military, commercial and industrial sectors. Currently, we can develop and supply a broad portfolio of land, naval and power systems, defense products, security and commercial applications. Our systems and products are installed on new and old platforms, and we also perform comprehensive platform modernization and upgrade programs. In addition, we provide a range of support services.

Our major activities include:

  • Land Systems
  • Naval Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Weapons and Systems Integration

Many of these major activities have several common and related elements. Therefore, certain of our subsidiaries, divisions or other operating units often jointly conduct marketing, research and development, manufacturing, performance of programs, sales and after sales support among these major activities.


We believe that ERAF has the qualifications and experience that support the current vision of the kingdom. Our alliances with reputable international companies have been at the core of our operation allowing the flow of competitive knowledge through technology transfer. This warrant global competitive advances in the local defense industry. Saudization program in the company has been steadily progressing over the decades by ensuring that local engineers and technical staff are given the proper training and positions in the operations of the company.

We firmly believe in this vision and in do so, we are proud to affirm our support and dedication to continue striving in excellence for the benefit of all-party concern. The basic philosophy of ERAF is to react promptly to the specific request of the user, being strictly focused to meet the technical, tactical and operational requirements set by the user. The full satisfaction of the user by exploitation of our products is our permanent task.


Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

With an unwavering dedication to our clients and partners, we stand firm in our commitment to excellence, embracing responsibility and accountability with unwavering diligence. Our aim is not merely to meet expectations but to surpass them, consistently delivering superior results.

Since our establishment in 1996, our mission has remained clear: to provide unmatched quality services and products across diverse sectors. Our journey of success and growth has been marked by a steadfast adherence to rigorous standards and policies, reinforced by the collaborative efforts of our extensive network of local and international partners. The esteemed alliances we have cultivated on a global scale serve as a testament to our proficiency in international business.

As we embark on further expansion, we remain vigilant in ensuring that our trajectory aligns seamlessly with the significant economic advancement of our nation. Our dedication to excellence has evolved into a set of corporate standards and practices that serve as the cornerstone of our achievements. This steadfast commitment to upholding the highest ethical and quality standards has yielded remarkable outcomes at every turn. Today, we take immense pride in being heralded as a trusted name, revered both within Saudi Arabia and beyond its borders.



ERAF is dedicated to pioneering advancements in armored and combat vehicle technology, delivering a comprehensive range of newly designed or upgraded vehicles and systems. Our mission extends beyond the borders of the kingdom to encompass the entirety of the Middle East region, where we strive to set the standard as the foremost leader in technological innovation. By relentlessly pushing the boundaries of engineering excellence, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine the capabilities of armored and combat vehicles, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of our armed forces throughout the region.


To establish an esteemed reputation within our organization, we prioritize the implementation of state-of-the-art technological methodologies in the development, design, and production of specialized armored and other purpose-built vehicles. This commitment to innovation not only distinguishes us within our industry but also underscores our dedication to excellence in every facet of our operations.


Our fundamental philosophy revolves around responding swiftly and effectively to the unique requirements of our users, maintaining a steadfast focus on meeting their technical, tactical, and operational needs. Our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring the complete satisfaction of our users through the seamless utilization of our products. We firmly believe that it is our ongoing responsibility to continually enhance every aspect of the customer experience, striving to make each interaction a step towards perfection.


At our operational facilities strategically located in Al Kharj and naval shipyard in Dammam, we excel in the meticulous manufacturing and assembly of cutting-edge systems and products. Within these facilities, we boast comprehensive infrastructure comprising warehouses, electronic manufacturing zones, precision mechanical workshops, and meticulously equipped final assembly and testing stations, all outfitted with advanced test equipment.

Moreover, our operational prowess extends to encompass supporting infrastructure essentials such as dedicated technology lines and sterile clean rooms tailored for the intricate integration of electro-optic components and seamless component assembly. Our commitment to excellence is further underscored by the implementation of sophisticated computerized logistics systems, meticulously engineered to manage every facet of our manufacturing processes and material supply chain with unparalleled efficiency.

In addition to our core capabilities, we specialize in the manufacturing and assembly of composite materials, precision metal parts, and cutting-edge machinery. Our expertise also extends to the manufacturing and refurbishment of specialized test equipment, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of every component we produce.

Furthermore, we take immense pride in our ability to manufacture armor and vehicle components of uncompromising quality, complemented by our extensive capabilities in maintenance, repair, and overhaul services, all meticulously executed within our ISO-certified facilities situated across the kingdom. Leveraging a collaborative approach, we seamlessly integrate multiple manufacturing activities through our in-house centers of excellence and strategic partnerships, ensuring the delivery of exceptional solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients


Marketing Manager

At the heart of our operational ethos lies a proactive approach to understanding the unique requirements of our diverse clientele across the globe. Through meticulous analysis, we identify the specific needs of our customers and channel our research and development efforts towards crafting bespoke solutions tailored to meet those needs precisely. To offer a tangible glimpse into the capabilities of our innovations, we frequently conduct demonstrations showcasing prototypes and existing systems to potential clients, fostering transparency and confidence in our offerings.

In our endeavor to bring cutting-edge solutions to market, we leverage a multifaceted marketing approach, positioning ourselves both as prime contractors and subcontractors to governments, defense entities, and homeland security contractors within the kingdom and across the Middle East. Our marketing strategies are bolstered by a suite of support services provided centrally, ensuring coherence and effectiveness across various units within the company. Furthermore, our global outreach is strengthened through the establishment of subsidiaries, joint ventures, and a network of representatives, facilitating the promotion of our systems, products, and services on a broader scale.

The success of ERAF in securing government projects within the kingdom is a testament to the unwavering dedication and perseverance of our marketing specialists. Their relentless efforts have enabled us to navigate complex procurement processes and establish ourselves as a trusted partner in delivering mission-critical solutions to governmental entities. Through strategic alliances and a steadfast commitment to excellence, ERAF continues to shape the landscape of defense and homeland security initiatives, both domestically and internationally.


As a premier provider of comprehensive security management and risk mitigation services, ERAF stands at the forefront of the defense sector. Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering enduring solutions that effectively address environmental challenges and adapt to the dynamic landscape of regional threats.

Leveraging our comprehensive vulnerability assessments across both land and sea domains, we offer expert recommendations to our clients aimed at bolstering the security of their territorial borders. ERAF’s track record as an industry leader in quality assurance, vetting, and training of security operatives is unparalleled. With ISO certification underlining our commitment to excellence, we meticulously adhere to all legal, regulatory standards, and industry best practices, in strict accordance with International Law and IMO guidelines.

At ERAF, we merge time-tested security principles with advanced intelligence gathering and meticulous planning, empowering our clients to make informed decisions on security matters. Our bespoke services are tailor-made to address the unique needs of each client, ensuring that every aspect of their security requirements is meticulously addressed with precision and effectiveness.

ERAF boasts a well-established track record of delivering systematic and high-quality work across various categories, including but not limited to:

  • Military and commercial vehicles design and manufacturing
  • Military and commercial vehicle overhauling and upgrading
  • Armor solution
  • Design and build naval ships and specialized boats
  • Components fabrication and remanufacturing
  • Provide spare parts for armored vehicles
  • Provides technical training and technical documentation
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Integrated logistic support


Marketing Manager

At ERAF, our operational philosophy revolves around a proactive approach to understanding the diverse needs of our global clientele. Through meticulous analysis, we pinpoint the unique requirements of each customer, directing our research and development endeavors toward crafting tailored solutions that precisely meet their needs. To provide a tangible demonstration of our innovative capabilities, we regularly conduct showcases of prototypes and existing systems, instilling transparency and confidence in our offerings among potential clients.

In our pursuit of delivering cutting-edge solutions, we employ a multifaceted marketing strategy, positioning ourselves as both prime contractors and subcontractors to governmental and defense entities across the kingdom and the Middle East. Supported by a comprehensive suite of centrally provided support services, our marketing efforts ensure coherence and effectiveness across all company units. Additionally, our global presence is reinforced through subsidiaries, joint ventures, and a network of representatives, facilitating the promotion of our systems, products, and services on a broader scale, thus cementing ERAF’s position as a leader in the defense and homeland security sectors.


The Principle of ERAF have adopted the following Code of Conduct with respect to all their commercial transactions, whether local or international:

LOCAL AND FOREIGN LAWS: No officer, employee or representative of ERAF may, directly or indirectly, break or seek to evade the laws or regulations of any country in, through or with which it seeks to do business. That an illegal act is a “customary business practice” in any country is not enough justification for violation of this provision.

BRIBERY AND FACILITATING PAYMENTS: No officer, employee or representative of ERAF may, directly or indirectly, offer or provide a bribe and all demands for bribes must be expressly rejected.

Bribery includes any offer, promise, or gift of any pecuniary or other advantage, whether directly or through intermediaries, to a public official, political party, political candidate or party official or any private sector employee, in order that the official or employee act or refrain from acting in relation to the performance of their duties, in order to obtain or retain business or other business advantage.

ERAF and its officers, employees and representatives shall not offer or make facilitating payments to government officials in order to encourage them to expedite a routine governmental task that they are otherwise required to undertake. ERAF shall have discretion to deviate from this prohibition if the government action sought is an urgent matter concerning health or safety. ERAF recognizes that extortion is widespread and that participation by the business community increases demand for facilitating payments.

KICK-BACKS: No officer, employee or representative of ERAF may “kick-back” any portion of a contract payment to employees of other parties to a contract or use other vehicles such as subcontracts, purchase orders or consulting agreements to channel payments to government officials, political candidates, employees of other parties to a contract, their relatives or business associates.

(A “kickback” is a particular form of bribe which takes place when a person entrusted by an employer or public function has some responsibility for the granting of a benefit and does so in a way that secures a return (kickback) of some of the value of that transaction or benefit for that person without the knowledge or authorization of the employer or public body to which the person is accountable.)

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: Officers, employees and representatives of ERAF shall avoid any relationship or activity that might impair, or appear to impair, his or her ability to render objective and appropriate business decisions in the performance of his or her job.

POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Neither ERAF nor any of its officers, employees or representatives may make a political contribution in order to obtain an unlawful business advantage. ERAF shall comply with all public disclosure requirements.

PHILANTHROPIC CONTRIBUTIONS: ERAF and its officers, employees and representatives may make contributions only for bona fide charitable purposes and only where permitted by the laws of the country in which the contribution is made. Contributions made in order to obtain an unlawful business advantage are prohibited.

EXTORTION: ERAF and its officers, employees and representatives shall reject any direct or indirect request by a public official, political party, party official, or private sector employee for undue pecuniary or other advantage, to act or refrain from acting in relation to his or her duties.

GIFTS, HOSPITALITY AND ENTERTAINMENT: ERAF and its officers, employees and representatives shall avoid the offer or receipt of gifts, meals, entertainment, hospitality or payment of expenses whenever these could materially affect the outcome of business transactions, are not reasonable and bona fide expenditures, or are in violation of the laws of the country of the recipient.

REPORTING REQUIREMENT: Officers, employees and representatives of ERAF who find themselves subjected to any form of extortion or who are asked to participate in any way in a bribery scheme shall promptly report these occurrences to senior corporate management, without fear that their employment will be adversely affected.

COMPANY RESPONSE: No employee will suffer demotion, penalty, or other adverse consequences for not paying bribes even when ERAF may lose business as a result of the employee’s refusal to do so. Employees are encouraged to report alleged violations of this Code of Conduct to senior management and no employee will suffer demotion, penalty or adverse consequences for reporting. ERAF will, where appropriate, sanction employees, suppliers or business partners for violations of this Code of Conduct.

GROUP ACCOUNTS: ERAF shall maintain complete and accurate financial records, ensuring that all transactions are properly, accurately and fairly recorded in a single set of books.

COMMUNICATIONS AND TRAINING: ERAF will make annual training available for all principals, key employees involved in sales, marketing and procurement.

Our Code of Ethics, developed in consultation with TRACE, sets out the clear standards of behaviour that we expect all our people to demonstrate in dealing with colleagues and those outside the company such as customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.


We strategically invest in research and development (R&D) through a meticulously crafted long-term plan that aligns with projected market needs. Our R&D initiatives are driven by a focus on anticipating the operational requirements of our clientele, with a commitment to reducing time to market and enhancing affordability. Our emphasis lies in the continuous enhancement of existing systems and products, as well as the pioneering development of new solutions leveraging both emerging and established technologies.

Our R&D endeavors encompass a spectrum of projects aimed at the creation of innovative systems. Collaborating with international and governmental institutions, we engage in cutting-edge R&D activities to explore and test emerging technologies. To expedite the design and development process, we utilize advanced tools for rapid prototyping, empowering operational team members to efficiently articulate requirements and seamlessly translate them into software code.

Our R&D portfolio spans across defense, homeland security, and commercial applications. Ongoing projects include the development of advanced armor systems, bomb disposal solutions, connectivity solutions encompassing information extraction, data fusion capabilities, and state-of-the-art radios and communication systems, as well as real-time training and simulation systems. Our dedicated team of engineers and specialists covers a diverse range of disciplines, supported by program managers with robust engineering backgrounds. A significant portion of our workforce is dedicated to research, development, and engineering, underscoring our commitment to innovation and excellence.



We own several NDA and applications registered or filed in South Africa, the United States, Europe and other countries. We also hold dozens of living trademark families relating to specific products. A significant part of our intellectual property assets relates to unique applications of advanced software-based technologies, development processes and production technologies. Some of these applications are protected by patents and others are considered as our trade secrets and proprietary information. We take number of measures to safeguard our intellectual property against infringement as well as to avoid infringement of other parties’ intellectual property.


There are relatively few cases where we manufacture under license. Such licenses typically apply to the use of technologies that are the result of collaboration with academic institutions or where we are manufacturing another company’s product in accordance with that company’s specifications. In such cases, the licensor typically is entitled to royalties or other types of compensation. In some cases where we have acquired business line, we obtain a royalty free license to use the applicable technology for specified applications. Occasionally, we license parts of our intellectual property to customers as part of the requirements of a particular contract. We also sometimes license technology to other companies for specific purposes or markets, such as the right to use certain of our intellectual property relating to our training and simulation systems.


ERAF excels in providing top-tier sales and services for industrial technologies across a broad spectrum of sectors. With a focus on quality and reliability, we have forged strategic partnerships with the most esteemed manufacturers and providers globally. This commitment to excellence has established us as the foremost supplier of industrial systems and solutions within the kingdom.

Our extensive range of offerings caters to diverse industries, ensuring that we meet the unique requirements of each sector with precision and expertise. By aligning ourselves with industry-leading manufacturers and providers, we guarantee that our clients receive cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled support, elevating their operational efficiency and productivity.

Through our unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, we have cultivated a reputation for excellence that precedes us in the market. Our commitment to delivering superior industrial systems and solutions underscores our mission to empower businesses across the kingdom to thrive and succeed in today’s competitive landscape.



In our Aftersales Services division, we prioritize building lasting confidence and fostering long-term relationships with our valued clients. Our commitment extends beyond the initial sale, ensuring that each transaction marks the beginning of a sustained partnership rather than a one-time interaction.


Drawing on proven security principles for both land and maritime domains, we offer comprehensive assessment services aimed at enhancing and upgrading the capabilities of any organization. Our assessment reports provide a clear and impartial evaluation of operational effectiveness, identifying critical areas for improvement. Whether for security agencies, governments, training organizations, or manufacturers, our consultancy services offer benchmarking against international standards without the necessity of program membership.


ERAF’s modernization services facilitate the transformation of legacy systems, enhancing flexibility, minimizing risk, and reducing costs. Through a metrics-driven framework, we offer a range of modernization methods, including remanufacturing, re-engineering, and new development, tailored to address specific challenges such as disparate technology platforms and lack of integration. Leveraging a state-of-the-art delivery model, we ensure seamless and efficient modernization processes.


At ERAF, we prioritize delivering the best-in-class maintenance solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. Our trained professionals offer a full spectrum of services, backed by a network of reliable suppliers to ensure swift fulfillment of needs. With a focus on preventing operational delays, we offer customizable preventative maintenance plans tailored to your critical and non-critical operation requirements. Whether it’s repair, upkeep, or deployment, our dedicated team stands ready to support your operations seamlessly.