As a premier provider of tracked, wheeled military, and specialized security commercial vehicles in the kingdom, our mission is clear: to ensure the readiness of those who defend our freedoms. With a focus on innovation and reliability, we deliver cutting-edge solutions engineered for peak performance and resilience in any environment. From battlefield to commercial ventures, our commitment to safety and quality sets the standard for the industry, empowering our partners to succeed in an ever-evolving world.

We have a strong foundation of delivering innovative engineering and production capabilities to our clients across the military and security commercial vehicle spectrum. Our team is focused on continuous process and productivity improvements that provide our clients with solutions, while reducing costs and speeding up delivery for urgent requirements.


We invest strategically in R&D, aligning with long-term market needs to anticipate customer operational requirements, reduce time to market, and enhance affordability. Our focus encompasses improving existing systems and products while developing new ones with emerging or existing technologies. Engaging in R&D projects and collaborations with international and governmental institutions, we leverage emerging technologies for system development and testing. Additionally, we employ fast prototyping tools to expedite design and development processes, enabling efficient specification of requirements and automatic transfer into software code by operational team members.


At our operational facilities in Al Kharj and Dammam’s naval shipyard, innovation thrives beyond mere manufacturing and assembly. Equipped with cutting-edge test equipment and precision-tailored infrastructure, we specialize in composite materials, metal parts, and machinery production. Our ISO registered facilities offer maintenance, repair, and overhaul services, while shared services from in-house centers of excellence enhance our manufacturing prowess.


ERAF’s armored and tracked vehicles offer unparalleled ballistic and mine protection, serving as versatile platforms for various missions. From main battle tanks to support vehicles, they excel in mobility across diverse terrains and climates. Integrating mission-specific equipment, they set the standard for next-generation armored combat, featuring transportability, heavy modular protection, advanced electronics, and adaptability for modern warfare’s dynamic challenges.


ERAF’s specialist vehicles can be manufactured to bespoke requirements and configured to suit a wide range of equipment and storage needs. The products we produced are equipped with features that is requested such as mortar system, armor bar protection, automatic firing system, body plates, EOD disposal, by added to which, they deliver the most capable of drives across truly challenging terrains and in the most adverse weather conditions.


ERAF’s security commercial vehicles, leveraging diverse technology and resources, epitomize innovation and excellence. Our logistical transport options ensure seamless service and product flow from manufacturing to customer bases. With an asset-based fleet tailored to diverse operations, including cash-in-transit, refrigerated trailers, armored security vehicles, and more, we prioritize efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Over the years, our professional belief in ethics and quality has evolved into a set of corporate standards and practices which we use as our benchmark for excellence. This attitude of providing the highest level of quality in all our endeavors has paid-off at every step of the way. Today, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy name both in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer