Leader in the design, development, production, support and enhancement of tracked, wheeled military and specialized commercialized vehicles in the kingdom. Our primary focus is partnering with those who protect our freedom to ensure their readiness for tomorrow.

We have a strong foundation of delivering innovative engineering and production capabilities to our clients across the military and commercial vehicle spectrum. Our team is focused on continuous process and productivity improvements that provide our clients with solutions, while reducing costs and speeding up delivery for urgent requirements.


We invest in research and development (R&D) according to a long-term plan based on estimated market needs. Our R&D efforts focus on anticipating operational needs of our customers, achieving reduced time to market and increasing affordability. We emphasize improving existing systems and products and developing new ones using emerging or existing technologies.

We perform R&D projects to produce new systems. We also are engaged in R&D activities with international and governmental institutions. These projects give us the opportunity to develop and test emerging technologies. We develop tools for fast prototyping for both the design and development process. Fast prototyping permits the operational team members to effectively specify requirements and to automatically transfer them into software code.


We manufacture and assemble our systems and products at our operational facilities in Al Kharj and in our naval shipyard in Dammam. These facilities contain warehouses, electronic manufacturing areas, mechanical workshops, final assembly and test stations with test equipment. We also have supporting infrastructure including technology lines and clean rooms for electro-optic components, and components integration. We also have computerized logistics systems for managing manufacturing and material supply. Several manufacturing activities are provided on a shared services basis by several of our in-house centers of excellence and partners.
We also manufacture and assemble composite materials, metal parts and machinery. We also manufacture and repair test equipment. We manufacture armor and vehicle components, as well as perform maintenance, repair and overhaul at our ISO registered facilities in the kingdom.


ERAF make sure it lives up to its principle of delivering only excellence making sure the development and manufacture of total power solutions that is sound, high quality and in a wide range of products. ERAF is a recognized and trusted by manufacturer & supplier for a wide range of heavy electrical products that range to cater the heavy industrial sectors. These products are quality controlled and certified. We are the leading distributor of virtually everything you need to complete your project, no matter the size.
Not only do we offer the latest products and technology from hundreds of manufacturers, we have the service to back it up.


ERAF is a full-service manufacturer of standard and custom towers including transmission and telecom towers. Our modern facilities are equipped with the most advanced fabrication technology which help us to ensure the highest product quality and timely supplies for transmission projects. Our pre-engineering department helps ensure the accuracy of tower fitment so that site rectifications are eliminated. ERAF has in-house design centers in the kingdom which continuously develop innovative, construction friendly and cost- effective designs using latest software. It has an unparalleled strength in the design of very complex and large towers.


ERAF is one of the leading solar power companies in the kingdom providing solar power installation. We have become a trusted company through a simple business ethos: buy high quality solar products in bulk directly from manufacturers and pass these savings on to customers for the guaranteed lowest price. This mantra ensures the quickest return on investment for our customers and has proved to be an extremely popular formula.


ERAF is an engineering and project development expert in the field of innovative power conversion solutions that integrate alternative resources. Our solutions deliver reliable electric power for the most demanding and remote off-grid applications and diverse industrial application. Our proven ability to internally manage the full spectrum of project development activities, from technical writing to community outreach and to governmental affairs, allows us to create an efficient and executable project plan that brings the appropriate level of expertise into the project with the right amount of environmental consciousness approach.


Mapping national renewable energy (RE) resources is a crucial step in expanding investment into clean energy, by providing governments with the information necessary to strategically guide commercial development, establish pricing incentives, and take account of environmental and social constraints. ERAF make it not only possible to spatially analyse and visualize current and projected electricity and gas demand but allows for many more applications. By combining map layers with other layers using data from economic and social indices, we can present a powerful solution to combat fuel poverty.


The setting up of preventative maintenance program helps ensure optimum system reliability and equipment life thus making industrial and business community never suffer shortage in production and operation. ERAF service plan options include performing outline scheduled maintenance, testing of local and remote operations and analyzing local data for every power sector industry application. Network hardware upgrades and programs are also available.
Over the years, our professional belief in ethics and quality has evolved into a set of corporate standards and practices which we use as our benchmark for excellence. This attitude of providing the highest level of quality in all our endeavors has paid-off at every step of the way. Today, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy name both in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

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