RWS LITE 200-12.7-L/SRWS LITE 200-12.7-L/S
RWS LITE 200-12.7-L/SRWS LITE 200-12.7-L/S

RWS LITE 200-12.7-L/S

The RWS LITE remote control weapon station is applied as a force multiplier on armoured fightingvehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, armoured personnel carriers & smaller naval vessels. A number of standard weapons, including 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 12.7mm or 40mm grenade launchers can be fitted on this platform.

The weapon is pointed and operated from a protected environment, thereby reducing the risk exposing the operator. The RWS LITE platform is gyro stabilised, it could be equipped with a thermal imaging system in addition to the day camera, providing a cost effective observation facility that may be used whilst in motion on either land or sea.


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– Accurate gun positioning, on the move due to gyrostabilisation
– Remote operation from under armour
– Stabilised positioning of advanced observation sensors
– Improved target recognition and accuracy due to high-quality electro optical sight


– Interchangeable if required
– 5.56mm Machine Gun
– 7,62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG)
– 12,7mm Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)
– 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) (optional)

Ammunition Quantity

– 5.56mm as per User request
– 7,62mm GPMG 300 rounds
– 12,7mm HMG 200 rounds
– 40mm AGL 32 rounds



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