RWS GA 1-20-LRWS GA 1-20-L
RWS GA 1-20-LRWS GA 1-20-L

RWS GA 1-20-L

Remotely Operated Gun and Observation System
The RWS GA 1-20-L Remote Control Weapon Station consists of an externally mounted cannon applied as a force multiplier on armoured fighting vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, infantry combat vehicles and armoured personnel carriers.

The weapon is pointed and operated from under armour, thereby reducing the risk of loss of life. Since the RWS GA 1-20-L platform is gyro stabilised, it may be equipped with a thermal imaging system in addition to the day camera, providing a cost effective observation facility that may be used on the move.


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– Accurate gun positioning, even on the move due to gyro stabilization
– No-fire and no-go safety zones
– Optical Auto Tracking for automatic target following
– Remote operation from under Armour.
– Stabilized positioning of advanced observation sensors
– Improved target recognition and accuracy due to high
– Quality electro optical sight and powerful magnification
– Recording capability of sight images for debriefing exercises or legal investigations.
– Alternative Armament Options
– 7,62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) (SS-77)
– 12,7mm Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) M2 QCB
– 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) (optional).
– 4 off Smoke Launcher Tubes (76mm)

Ammunition Quantity

– 20mm – 150 rounds
– 7,62mm GPMG 300 rounds
– 12,7mm HMG 200 rounds
– 40mm AGL 32 rounds (optional)
– 76 mm Smoke Grenade 4 rounds (optional)

Observation And Sighting

– Standard Configuration: Zoom CCD day sight
– Two FOV uncooled thermal imaging camera
– Laser Range Finder
– Optical Auto Tracking.



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