ERAF invests heavily in its design department seeing that it is department seeing that it is armoring and upgrading.All designs are made in-house by experienced engineers and technicians, using complex and modern software systems. Advanced machinery is referred to in order to have accurate measurements and details of parts and components in addition to designing customized items ranging from small parts to a fully functional vehicles. 
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ERAF places high importance on the quality of its services. Other than the thorough inspection and detailed review of the work being carried out in the factory, ERAF has been credited with an ISO 9001:2000 certificate for quality which is considered an industry standard worldwide.
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In addition to armoring, upgrading, and overhauling, ERAF also provides maintenance services to its clients. The combined knowledge and expert skills that ERAF’s personnel gathered throughout the years, provide an added value and make it much more feasible for clients to conduct vehicle maintenance service at ERAF facilities.
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